Public Domain Dedication Statement (with Copyright Guidelines)

One of the most noteworthy features of Chinese traditional theatre music is the repertoire of mini pieces, which serve as intros, interludes, set tunes and set rhythms. They are all well-remembered by the audience, for each of them signifies certain scenarios, moods or actions. Like pieces of building blocks, these mini-music pieces have endless possibilities of reuse, rearrangement, and connection with one another when adapting to different dramatic situations. While “old” music is always and, in fact, expected to be heard in new scripts and new songs, it may sound so afresh that such creativity can only be attributed to their “second-hand” users. Hence, we dedicate all music works in the “Mini-Music Library” on this website to the public domain. It is our wish that you will be able to freely perform, rearrange and build upon these music building blocks that we have kept here, breathing new life into them. 

We look forward to seeing your great works!

4th February, 2021

Copyright Guidelines on Mini-Music Pieces (as of 4th Feburary, 2021)

  • All music works catalogued in the “Mini-Music Library” (excluding audio tracks) on this website are dedicated to the public domain (under Creative Commons Zero). Credit is not required for performing, rearranging and building these works upon your own works, even commercially. If you wish to give credit, you can include the piece number, name of the creator, and “Hong Kong Music Miniatures” in your acknowledgement.

Copyright Guidelines on Audio Tracks (as of 14th March, 2021)

  • All audio tracks catalogued in the “Mini-Music Library” and “Mini-Music Playlists” can be remixed, transformed, and built upon your work, even commercially. Credit is not required. If you wish to give credit, you can include the piece number and “Hong Kong Music Miniatures” in your acknowledgement.

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