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Hong Kong Music Miniatures is an online project launched by The Gong Strikes One. Since February, 2021, this project has built an online music library of 153 newly written mini-music pieces, including 75 set rhythms, 50 intros/interludes and 28 set tunes. Written based on musical styles and forms as well as dramatic needs and movements of traditional Chinese theatres, these mini-music pieces are intended to be used as intros, interludes, set tunes and set rhythms in actual performances. Therefore, all mini-music pieces have been dedicated to the public domain so that they can be used freely, just as the extant traditional repertoire. All pieces have now been uploaded to this website; each piece comes with a score in staff notation, gongche notation or Chinese mnemonics percussion notation as well as a downloadable demo performance for reference or even further creation.

After creating over a hundred mini-music pieces, the Finale Album concludes the project by putting together five new compositions, covering a variety of musical genres, from east to west, and the traditional to the contemporary. In each piece, the composer embarks on a new journey after months of mini-music creation.

30th June, 2021

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Last update: 4th June, 2022