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Hong Kong Music Miniatures is an online project launched by The Gong Strikes One. From today until June 2021, we will be uploading over a hundred newly written mini-music pieces here. Written based on musical styles and forms as well as dramatic needs and movements of traditional Chinese theatres, these mini-music pieces are intended to be used as intros, interludes, set tunes and set rhythms in actual performances. We also look forward to seeing these mini-music pieces being performed or rearranged in other creative ways. Hence, we dedicate these pieces to the public domain so that they can be used freely, just as the extant traditional repertoire. 

More contents coming soon! Stay tuned!

4th February, 2021

More Contents Coming soon!

  • scores in Chinese percussion mnemonics notation
  • scores in gongche notation
  • more mini-music pieces
  • more online programs

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Update Log

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Online Program (in Cantonese) (2021-04-23)

Online Program (in Cantonese) (2021-04-03)

Paid WAV files added for some pieces (2021-03-26)

Copyright Guidelines on Audio Tracks (2021-03-14)

Mini-Music Playlists (Set Tunes) (2021-03-14)

Mini-Music Playlists (Set Rhythm, Intros/Interludes) (2021-03-08)

Online Program (in Cantonese) (2021-02-19)