Finale Album (June 2021) (NEW!)

The Finale Album concludes the project by putting together five new compositions, covering a variety of musical genres, from east to west, and the traditional to the contemporary. In each piece, the composer embarks on a new journey after months of mini-music creation.

  • Unhinged
  • LAM Yip
  • Cong4 Cin4 Ming4 Jyut6 Gwong1
  • Kong CHAN
  • Drifting Mesh
  • TING Chung Wai
  • Illusory Landscape
  • WONG Chun Wai
  • Lost in the City
  • WONG Chun Wai

HK$8 / Track; HK$38 / Full Album (Available until 31/8/2021)

Watch Video of “Unhinged” for free before 15/9/2021 upon purchase of full album, or pay HK$25 to watch video only.