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Mini-Music Creators


Kong CHAN learnt Cantonese Operatic songs from his father Chinese flutes and strings at a young age. He graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2010, majoring in music accompaniment for Cantonese Opera. He reconstructed and performed early music scores for the lecture-concert series, Interpreting Early Cantonese Music, presented by the Chinese Opera Information Centre of The Chinese University of Hong Kong between 2014 and 2017. In 2012, he founded the group The Gong Strikes One, devoting himself to creating, reconstructing, and arranging Chinese operatic works. In 2017, his group presented its first theatrical work, I, Wu Song — a One-man Chinese Opera. Recently, he also explores improvisation and multidisciplinary performances, such as The Modern-day Flavours of Nanyin and Naamyam presented in the New Vision Arts Festival (2018) and Weiwuying TIFA Contemporary Music Platform (2019) in Taiwan. In 2019, he participated in the participatory theatre project, “To Behold! To Voice! To Remap!”.

KWOK Kai Fai

An emerging Cantonese Opera artist, Kwok Kai Fai specialises in the roles of chou (comic) and wishing (senior male). He is a pupil of Chan Kim Fung and was also trained under Lui Hung Kwong, Guan Shizhen and Cheung Bo Wah. He was awarded the “Outstanding Young Artist” Cantonese Opera Golden Bauhinia Award in 2019. Kwok is  highly sought-after performer in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. A versatile performer, Kwok also serves as stage manager, musician, script writer and music creations. He is also active in introducing and teaching Cantonese opera to children and youth. 


Cross-disciplinary Percussionist

TING Chung Wai

TING Chung Wai obtained his Master of Music in composition in Chinese University of Hong Kong. His music has been premiered by Atlas Ensemble, Hong Kong Windpipe, Hong Kong Kamerata, Trio de TST and Chinese Music Virtuosi. “Anamnesis” is commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild and premiered by Hong Kong Windpipe. “Slashes of Frost and Wind”, is awarded both the David Gwilt Composition Prize and audience prize. “Flower Burial under a Pallid Moon” wins the second prize in New Generation 2012 organized by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild. “Please Open the Curtain” is selected and premiered by Atlas Ensemble in Amsterdam. 

He designs sound and performs as a live musician for theatre productions such as “Run, Melos, Run!”, “Around in Wong Tai Sin”, “Against the Current”, “Fu Kong” and “The Isle”. “Lighthouse”, which he co-created, is the recipient of Best Innovation in Performance award in Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017. His music for “Peer Gynt” by Theatre Horizon is nominated for Best Original Music in Hong Kong Drama Award. 

His film score includes, “Sick”, selected for screening in IAWRT film festival, “Fish, Prawn, Crab”, “Life Begins at 100”, “You Think Therefore I Am”, “Forever 17”.


WONG Chun Wai

WONG Chun-wai has a versatile composition profile comprising concert music, musicals and film scores. He often infuses different musical languages to evoke various atmospheres and sceneries, engaging audiences with a quasi-multimedia-art experience. 

Published and winning multiple awards across the globe, his compositions are featured in international events such as the International Rostrum of Composers, ISCM World Music Days, ACL (Asian Composers League) Festival and the Asian Youth Orchestra World Tour. His music is performed and recorded by prominent groups and musicians including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (with Jaap van Zweden, Bright Sheng, Sebastian Perłowski and others), Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA), performers from the New York Philharmonic and soloists including Dong-Suk Kang and Jan-Erik Gustafsson. 

His scores for films and advertisements are featured in international festivals including the Sound and Image Challenge Festival and Pink City International Short Film Festival, as well as on local platforms including Cable TV and Viu TV. 

Wong is also an active arranger. He has arranged a number of vocal and instrumental music, some of which are performed by renowned artists and singers such as Nick Vujicic, Rebecca Pan Di-hua and Harry Wong. Apart from his creative work, he also authors an online study journal for orchestration, Orchestration Masters (https://orchestrationmasters.wordpress.com).


Demo Performers

  • Percussion: DAI Rihui, LAM Yip, LUNG Lok Yun, KWOK Kai Fai, Kong CHAN
  • Xiao(Chinese vertical bamboo flute), Dizi (Chinese horizontal bamboo flute), Erxian (Cantonese two-stringed Fiddle): Kong CHAN
  • Steel-stringed Zheng (Chinese zither): LEE King Chi 
  • Pipa (Chinese lute): TONG Hoi Wun
  • Erhu, Yehu (Chinese two-stringed fiddles): Nero LEE

Production Team

  • Artistic Director: Kong CHAN
  • Producer, Website Editor, Score Editor (Mnemonics Notation): LEE King Chi
  • Music Engraver (Staff Notation): WONG Chun Wai
  • Recording Engineers: Bu CHAN @Wave Room Studio, LIANG Tin Ning
  • Mixing and Mastering: Bu CHAN @Wave Room Studio
  • Logo Design: TGIF

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